Mission accomplished for Dynamo as they defeat Real Salt Lake 1-0

The Houston Dynamo got a 1-0 victory over Real Salt Lake courtesy of a goalkeeping mistake by Nick Rimando of RSL on a Stuart Holden cross. Nevertheless the win puts the Dynamo in the position where it can win the Western Conference title this Saturday night against Chivas USA. Significant because if the Dynamo win the regular season conference title they will have home field advantage straight through the playoffs. Some thoughts:
*The win came at a price as the Dynamo lost center backs Eddie Robinson (soft red card) and Ryan Cochrane (yellow card) for the Chivas USA match as both will be suspended. Patrick Ianni will come and Craig Waibel slides into the middle begging the question who will play right back? Richard Mulrooney? Brian Mullan?
The abscence of Ricardo Clark is evident here.
*Holden’s cross was comically muffed by RSL goalkeeper Nick Rimando who moments earlier had robbed him with an amazing reaction save. Rimando is as good as any at reaction type shot stopping but has always been suspect on controlling his penalty area when it comes to crosses. The best and worst of the RSL goalkeeper.
*This was an ugly game like all games at Rice Eccles Stadium, show me one that wasn’t. Yet it was not a night for aesthetics as the result was accomplished. If not for the importance of the result this was a tough watch with football lines, minimal possession and a terrible surface. Bring on the new stadium in Sandy.
*Brian Mullan made space for himself numerous times out wide yet couldn’t find his normal quality service.
*Real Salt Lake is not the best of squad’s (ok I am being nice here) that becomes competitive at home because of the artificial surface. The place is hard all around, not soft enough for soccer.
*Dominic Kinnear was able to avoid (if he ever had the intention) of using Brian Ching in Utah, his health is a key for playoff success, The squad was also without Dwayne DeRosario on family issue in Toronto.
*Richard Mulrooney did alot of the dirty work in this one and kicked one ball off the line while Pat Onstad dealt with crosses in the penalty area perfectly.
* After Eddie Robinson was ejected it took only four minutes for Yura Movsisyan the Real Salt Lake forward to look really inane.
He pushed Pat Onstad and got himself sent off and effectively killed off any momentum that could potentially have come from the Robinson ejection, Onstad himself was funny as he initially went towards Movsisyan and then started pulling his teammates away, the beauty of being a veteran toying with these young emotional players …..
Down to the final game of the year…………Your thoughts on the Dynamo win over Real Salt Lake?

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  1. Martin Hajovsky says:

    Glenn, here are my somewhat long thoughts on last night and next:

    Do they get particular on their prosthetic at all? http://taksering.info/kaufen-clomifen/ His competitior was to frame her for the promotional wand marketing that spaulding was being investigated for.

    First off, what a great, though weird, goal from Holden. On the highlight reel, it doesn�t show the shot from about 2 minutes before that Holden headed in and Rimando made an absolutely great, though lucky, save. But still, quite a shot for Stuart, proving for the umpteenth time that it\’s better to be lucky than good any day.

    And if anyone knows what Onstad said to Movsisyan to set him off, I\’d love to know what it was. Boy, was he ever ticked off. I think he didn�t like that Onstad went straight to the turf after Movsisyan shoved him. Then Mullan came in guns a\’blazin\’. Boy, for someone that short, Mully always seems to get involved in these kinds of things. I\’ve never seen him throw a punch, but he looks like he\’s always ready to clock someone. I think that may be what Movsisyan got so mad about in the end. Mully probably said something to him, and by then they were separated and Yura couldn\’t take a swipe at him. Good thing for Brian, I think, as he easily gave up about 10 inches and 30 pounds to the guy.

    I loved Kreis\’ wacky formation. What was that, a 1-6-3? or maybe a 1-3-4-2? It failed amazingly. I thanked our lucky stars for it, though, because early on I felt that if Movsisyan had had some more help up top, they might have scored. As it was, our guys closed the few passing lanes there were and no one was there to stop them from doing it.

    As for next week, no Robinson and no Cochrane. I played that replay over and over this morning and I still don�t see that he even touched Beckerman. If he did, he must have just brushed his jersey. Beckerman went down like a ton of bricks, though, and Weyland fell for it with the straight red. Straight red or yellow, though, he still would have missed the Chivas game. It certainly was close enough and near enough to goal, and on a through ball even, that, whether Beckerman was flopping or not, Weyland was going to have to make some kind of call. I\’m just glad it wasn\’t in the box.

    So without Robinson, I think the chances in LA next week dim somewhat. All we need is a tie or a win, though, and we take the top seed. Chivas, meanwhile, needs to win or they finish second. Assuming Chingy is available, here\’s who I think is the starting XI (in Dom\’s standard 2-4-4 if you\’re watching Jason Kreis):

    Ching/Jaqua (if Ching Kong is fit, he starts, if not, Jaqua)and Ngwenya up front
    Davis, Holden, DeRo (see note below) and Mullan in mid
    Barrett, Ianni, Mulrooney and Waibel in back

    Subs: Jaqua/Ching, Ashe, Wells, Dalglish, Wondolowski

    This is assuming that DDR is back from his family emergency in Toronto, eh? If not, I\’m assuming that Kinnear will start Ashe as he seems disinclined to put Dalglish in a game these days. I wonder what the story is there. Is he mad that Dalglish didn�t get the surgery earlier in the season to come back healthy. Who knows?

    Early prediction: 1-1 or 0-0 tie.

    I think Chivas has some serious scoring problems. With Razov out, the whole scoring load falls on Galindo, who is what, 22? 23? Knock him out of the flow and they have some tough times finishing. I was hoping that job would fall to Robinson, but now I designate Ianni as the lead head-knocker against the Cuban, with Waibel as his backup.

    I don\’t put Holden back as you miss his shooting prowess back there. That leaves it to one of the Brothers Mul. I think Mulrooney has spent enough time back there this season that he goes back there, once again underlining his versatility. I think Waibel or he could be center or right, it doesn\’t matter which. I wouldn\’t put Mullan back there because you need his quick runs up the side.

    Ching and DDR\’s availabilities become crucial as to how the game gets approached. Dynamo always play all-out, which is nice, but I think the crucial element of beating or tying Chivas will be physical back play. If we get a lead, maybe Wondolowski comes in early in the second half to knock some heads. I do not believe this is a game for Ashe unless it\’s late in the game and we\’re desperate.

    Agree that we miss Clark in this, but I think Robinson more. Still, we\’ve got the XI we\’ve got and I think it\’s at least the equal to or better than las chivitas. This is where experience and calmness comes into play, of which this team has plenty.

    I know it will be a tough game, but I\’m sticking to my prediction of a tie. As a matter of fact, I think the least likely result is a Chivas win. Young guys who have never been in this position (who just gave up 5 of a possible 6 points in a four-day span against a free-falling Dallas team on the road and a completely inferior Colorado team AT HOME) vs. a calm, experienced squad of veterans with home field advantage in the playoffs on the line. I pick the latter.

  2. Doug says:


    Quick correction. A tie does the Orange no good as we would finish behind the goats. Win or bust in this one.

  3. Martin Hajovsky says:

    Hmmm Doug. Bernardo Fallas up here at the Chron is reporting that one differently. Do you have a clarification on this Glenn?

  4. kevin says:

    Chivas are one point ahead of us now, if we tie them we each get a point and we\’d still be a point behind. Doug is right, a win is the only thing that will do us any good.

    By the way, that was a good post.

  5. Martin Hajovsky says:

    Sounds good Kevin. OK, win it must be and win it shall have to be. 1-0 Dynamo.

  6. glenndavis says:

    Dynamo need to win.

  7. glenndavis says:

    The truth about Salt Lake to me is that rarely are soccer game their very attractive due to turf, ones on field etc. Usually the soccer is about grit and determination which I think was clear last night apart from a few sequences.
    Nothing about the Holden goal was great except that it got the Dynamo the huge points and the opportunity for this weekend.
    It was a mis-hit cross not a shot that was bungled by Rimando.
    A goalkeeping error, Stuart was trying to deliver the ball to players in the box.
    The prior sequence was a great one with his header amazingly saved by Rimando.
    The Dynamo have the head to head on Chivas USA but it doesn’t matter as they are one point behind the “goats”. A tie and each gain a point. Only a win will do it for the Dynamo.
    Martin lots of different scenarios but it wil start with Craig Waibel moving to the middle at the back and I agree it didn’t even look like their was contact on the replay from Robinson but then I would say why would Movsisyan go down then.
    Earned result for the Orange.

  8. Moises Villasenor says:

    “…the beauty of being a veteran toying with these young emotional players…”

    isn’t it a beauty when a player of the team you support does that to someone else…but whenever a player from another team does it to your team (Pescadito Ruiz), then it’s an ugly thing…

    Don’t get me wrong…I hate the guy…but Pat’s action is no different in context, than those of Ruiz’s…the only difference is that Pat only did it once..and Ruiz kept doing it to Rico and Robinson all game long…and probably even on previous games…

    Anyway..about yesterday’s game…One comment…I am still dissapointed in MLS’s lack of attendance to games…and playing on turf w/football lines does not help market our beautiful sport…I was having a hard time telling when the ball was in or out of bounds…I am sure the players were too…but great win even though Dynamo did not look sharp again…really they didn’t…we need to pick it up before we get into the playoffs…competition is going to be a lot stronger then…

    Just a comment don’t get all emotional…Go Dynamo…

  9. Martin Hajovsky says:

    Beckerman went down like he was shot. And you know what, in the 10 minutes or so it has taken me to read over this blog, Beckerman possibly has shaken out his dreadlocks, thought some about the Colorado game coming up and maybe wondered why he isn’t going to Switzerland tomorrow, but he STILL has not been fouled by Eddie Robinson!

  10. el naranja says:


    The big difference between what Ruiz did and what Pat did is the contact. Ruiz elbowed, punched, and/or kicked Clark in the lower back and landed full force on him. Pat shot his mouth off. While this could be boiled down to a “sticks and stones” argument, I see a world of difference between baiting a player and physically harming them purposefully.

    Not that either one is really all that great, but Ruiz’s is far worse than anything Pat did.

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